What’s In Your Coffee?

Though the calendar says it’s fall, the nights dip into the low 40s and the once vibrant leaves have turned from yellow, orange, and red to varying shades of brown, all jumbled along the fence line.  It is now the season of Vata;  cold, dry air, & rough skin. 

Coffee, a beverage that has a mixed reputation, is one of my favorites, especially as the days grow cold. The caffeine within this magic bean juice acts as a diuretic drying the body from within. Drinking more water is not a remedy for dryness; that sounds odd and we can talk about it later.

And what happens when things dry out?  They become brittle, inflexible, and dense. Dryness in the body can create constipation, and painful movement, giving viruses a foothold – there is a reason Ayurveda uses oil on the body, in the body, and in the nose and ears- topic for a later conversation.

To combat the dryness of Vata, which can be increased by coffee, I offer this:  add a tiny amount of ghee to your coffee to offset the drying properties of that cup.  Coffee is a very personal thing, so for me, I also add a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom, teaspoon sugar, and a splash of heavy whipping cream. 

Its all about creating balance so enjoy your food.  Be kind to yourself and enjoy your sippy! 

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One thought on “What’s In Your Coffee?

  1. Dearest Annette,
    Due to the very reasons you mention and some more (it can make one too hyper…), I only have one demitasse of coffee at breakfast time with Trader Joe’s soy milk (the best on the market in regard to low sugar content).
    For the rest it only is green tea or a special herbal tea that I got from Poland.
    Dealing with CKD stage 3b is not the easiest and one must select carefully.

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