The Exodus

I have been returned to the soil of this birth and yet it feels like a strange land.  Born on the Gulf,  raised by Appalachia only to be returned to the shore as a stranger.  The move felt like a quick exodus, with pharoah’s hounds nipping at my heels;  family and friends left behind, belongings sorted and hurriedly packed or donated.

Signs of the move were in the air, in the field/ether; as swirls of dust in my foot steps, the voice of birds, whispers in the wind.  Even when the date was known, it felt surreal and I just a witness to this abrupt homecoming. 

The move is now complete, belongings unpacked and placed…mostly.  The life that was had to end so what was needed could be.  Life is a cycle and at an ending is also a beginning. 

I am still finding my voice in this new land; visiting cities of the dead, sitting in the dark, standing in the crossroad.  Appalachia fostered and taught the being I am today only to send me to where this light is needed for the struggles ahead. 

I invite you to join me in this new space, exploring a land so potent with magic that one can see it dancing in the tress. Literallly.

May you go from this place differently than you came.

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