To order any service, please email me at annette@lanniee.com.

Payment must be made when the appointment is booked.

Readings by phone

  • 30 minutes $50
  • 60 minutes $80

Readings by Email

These are typed out and emailed to you along with a photo of the spread. Please allow up to 48 hours after confirmation for receipt. Terms and conditions are displayed under that tab.

  • Portrait: these 9 cards provide a snapshot of a situation, the week or month ahead $35
  • Grand Tableau: All 36 cards of the Lenormand deck are used. You do not need a question for this spread as it includes everything; relationships, work, health, etc. $125
  • Rauhnacht 2023 : the 12 days of Christmas when the veil between is thin. Each month answers a preset question and includes a 3-card snapshot of that month. $65

Email to book your read.