Peruse a simple selection of services to help ease the mind and soul.


There are so many different ways to divine; from scrying clouds or water, casting bones/charms to reading cards. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses with the outcome being the same: showing you the outcome with the greatest potential.

Here you’ll find a selection of virtual reads. Decide what you want to know… or not, book your service and we will chat from there.

Print Reads

Sent to you as a .pdf, these reads include a photo of your read along with the details; perfect for referring back to at a later date. Turn around time 48 hours.

Lenormand Portrait

This read is ideal to deep dive into a situation, or look in the coming 3 days, three weeks, three months.


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Tarot de Marsielle

3-majors to answer the week, or the situation. Have a question about a specific card? If there are cards below, they have your answer.


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Lenormand Grand Tableau

This read uses all 36 cards of the Lenormand deck and is a look into the year ahead. Love? Work? Home LIfe? Its all here, laid bare.


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Tarot Tableau

9-cards tell the tale. What do you want to know?


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Using a phone number and Duo, we connect for a face-to-face; you , me, the cards. We can cover alot of information in 30 minutes.


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This treatment restores the energy balance within the body and is not recommended for certain conditions. Do not schedule treatment if you have a pacemaker, are receiving radiation/chemotherapy, are under anesthesia, have an unset broken bone, an unattached amputated appendage, have epilepsy, and taking insulin, high blood pressure or thyroid medicine.

On the day/time of the service, it is recommended that you lay down/relax while the treatment is underway. You’ll receive a photograph of the stones used/placement along with a write-up of the session.

Chakra Reset with Reiki Overlay


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