Sigils and Money

It’s one thing to wish and another to do.  Doing puts energy into motion and brings that desire from the field of potential into the material; giving that potential physical form.  You want to see more money in your wallet?  Wishing won’t cause it to materialize.  Manipulating energy will. 

So let us speak about how to bring what we want/need from the field of potential into our reality.  The most important part of any work, imho, is knowing what you want.

What DO you want? This is the first step to a successful spell. Using something we could all use more of, let’s talk about money; even if you are cutting back on expenses, you still could use more money, right? 

Being practical – where is your money going now?  Everything is energy and the energy attached to the money that goes out, will send something back to you; you call back to yourself that which you send out.  Paying a bill? Do so with gratitude. You have the money to pay that bill.  Fussing about paying a bill is like grumbling because you have to wash the dishes; you ate today. That is more than many can say.  Be grateful.

Writing a check to pay that bill?  Add a sigil to the front of the check.  Sigils are an energy signature that is amplified each time it is seen. As an aside, in Ayurveda, everything we see is digested and becomes part of our consciousness. Even if you don’t fully understand what something is, once seen, it becomes part of you. So, each time you payout, add that sigil to define what it is you want to be returned. The more it is seen, the more solid it becomes. Each time you read this and see the sigil we are about to make, the more rooted in reality it becomes.

There are a number of resources online on how to create a sigil; what is shared below works for me. Find what works for you.

For this example I choose to work with the phrase,  I embody the energy of abundance

Removing all the vowels and duplicate consonants,  we are left with MTHRG.  Using the alphabet table, these letters translate into 42897.  Drawing it on the wheel will show you the form. Now play with it on paper and embellish; whirls, dots, whatever.


A sigil to assist in the manifestation of abundance.

A word of caution. Using a phrase like I want more money means you’ll never be satisfied or happy; this desire to attain more and more will consume you and will take from you instead of giving.

You will call to yourself any number of unpleasant potentials like illegal money, tax troubles, etc.

Keep in mind that the words I AM are words of creation, so use them carefully; for example, using those two words followed by tired means your body and the field/universe will work to make that a reality. If you want to make a statement of how you are feeling at that moment, use this instead – I am aware of feeling tired/hungry/etc. This way you are acknowledging that you are aware. with the rest being the subject of a preposition. And here you thought English class was a waste of time. lol

You are welcome to use the sigil above in your workings; I encourage you to take the time and create one yourself – the power created by what you put your hand to is incomparable.

Happy crafting!

The Exodus

I have been returned to the soil of this birth and yet it feels like a strange land.  Born on the Gulf,  raised by Appalachia only to be returned to the shore as a stranger.  The move felt like a quick exodus, with pharoah’s hounds nipping at my heels;  family and friends left behind, belongings sorted and hurriedly packed or donated.

Signs of the move were in the air, in the field/ether; as swirls of dust in my foot steps, the voice of birds, whispers in the wind.  Even when the date was known, it felt surreal and I just a witness to this abrupt homecoming. 

The move is now complete, belongings unpacked and placed…mostly.  The life that was had to end so what was needed could be.  Life is a cycle and at an ending is also a beginning. 

I am still finding my voice in this new land; visiting cities of the dead, sitting in the dark, standing in the crossroad.  Appalachia fostered and taught the being I am today only to send me to where this light is needed for the struggles ahead. 

I invite you to join me in this new space, exploring a land so potent with magic that one can see it dancing in the tress. Literallly.

May you go from this place differently than you came.

What’s In Your Coffee?

Though the calendar says it’s fall, the nights dip into the low 40s and the once vibrant leaves have turned from yellow, orange, and red to varying shades of brown, all jumbled along the fence line.  It is now the season of Vata;  cold, dry air, & rough skin. 

Coffee, a beverage that has a mixed reputation, is one of my favorites, especially as the days grow cold. The caffeine within this magic bean juice acts as a diuretic drying the body from within. Drinking more water is not a remedy for dryness; that sounds odd and we can talk about it later.

And what happens when things dry out?  They become brittle, inflexible, and dense. Dryness in the body can create constipation, painful movement and give viruses a foothold – there is a reason Ayurveda uses oil on the body, in the body, and in the nose and ears- this too is the topic for a later conversation.

To combat the dryness of Vata, which can be increased by coffee, I offer this:  add a tiny amount of ghee to your coffee to offset the drying properties of that cup.  Coffee is a very personal thing, so for me, I also add a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom, teaspoon sugar, and a splash of heavy whipping cream. 

To combat the dryness of Vata, which can be increased by coffee, I offer this:  add a tiny amount of ghee to your coffee to offset the drying properties of that cup.  Coffee is a very personal thing, so for me, I also add a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom, teaspoon sugar, and a splash of heavy whipping cream. 

Its all about creating balance so enjoy your food.  Be kind to yourself and enjoy your sippy! 

#vata #coffee #ghee


The God in me greets the God in you.


Such a simple thing, palms and fingers pressed together, held at heart level; a gesture with deep meaning and far reaching impact. This gesture, also known as a mudra, goes by many names; namaskara to some, gassho to others. Symbols, of which mudras are a part, create energy patterns that help and support not only our auric field but the fields around us as well. The heart chakra, in front of which this mudra is held, has an energy torus of 4 feet minimum; I’ve read some research which suggests a torus of 24 feet.

This simple greeting affirms our choice to operate under god-consciousness and not the ego. Ego places us in a position of inferiority/superiority to other beings living on Gaia (the planet); God-consciousness is a bit more difficult to explain. It is an understanding that the Creator lives/is present within each of us, within the empty space that occupies all matter, our creator is there. It is understanding that we create with the spoke word, every thought puts energy into motion. This isn’t a new thought and most of the old religions speak of the god within. Science is now able to prove much of what the ancients believed to be true, the more recent being that energy = mass = consciousness. Everything is conscious, everything is the creator and the created. Don’t worry about trying to wrap your head around that, it is the topic of many conversations to come!

Once you become aware of the true nature of reality, everything you do becomes an act of reverence. Simply living your ordinary daily life with full awareness becomes a complete practice of meditation, a perfect form of worship, an offering to all beings and to Being itself.

Christopher Wallis, The Recognition Sutras

So the next time you press your palms and fingers together, remember who you really are and the power that resides within you.

Namaste 🙏