• Sigils and Money

    Sigils and Money

    It’s one thing to wish and another to do.  Doing puts energy into motion and brings that desire from the field of potential into the material; giving that potential physical form.  You want to see more money in your wallet?  Wishing won’t cause it to materialize.  Manipulating energy will.  So let us speak about howContinue… Read more

  • The Exodus

    The Exodus

    I have been returned to the soil of this birth and yet it feels like a strange land.  Born on the Gulf,  raised by Appalachia only to be returned to the shore as a stranger.  The move felt like a quick exodus, with pharoah’s hounds nipping at my heels;  family and friends left behind, belongingsContinue… Read more

  • What’s In Your Coffee?

    What’s In Your Coffee?

    Though the calendar says it’s fall, the nights dip into the low 40s and the once vibrant leaves have turned from yellow, orange, and red to varying shades of brown, all jumbled along the fence line.  It is now the season of Vata;  cold, dry air, & rough skin.  Coffee, a beverage that has aContinue… Read more

  • Namaskaram


    The God in me greets the God in you. Kryon Such a simple thing, palms and fingers pressed together, held at heart level; a gesture with deep meaning and far-reaching impact. This gesture, also known as a mudra, goes by many names; namaskar to some, gassho to others, and the ever-popular Namaste. Symbols, of whichContinue… Read more